Under our Global Outreach Program, volunteers travel to Africa, where they participate in community projects and directly experience the meaning and value of cultural diversity.

Usually, the Program is organized around projects that take place during the Summer, but volunteers can also participate in projects at other times of the year. Volunteers can be young or old. We have had volunteers as young as 11 (accompanied by a parent) and as old as 75. Volunteers can be from any walk of life--no special skills are asked for (although, of course, they are welcomed). All we ask for is a wish to help and a willingness to take part.

Examples of recent Global Outreach Projects are:

o Construction of rain-water storage tanks for providing clean water in an area without running water. (See our video of the volunteers at work: The Water Project).

In the past, villagers often had to spend hours a day hauling water from Lake Victoria, which is a mile or two from their homes and extremely polluted and parasite ridden.

o Construction of a brick oven for baking bread.

Previously, bread could not be baked locally and had to be brought in from Kenya. The local women's group now bakes bread that it gives to orphans and sells to raise funds for the group's activities.

o Installation of solar panels and electrical wiring to provide solar electricity to the school AISCS built in Nyamagongo.

For 2014, our main focus is on educational programs for children and adults, although we are certainly open to projects in other areas. Our primary school in Nyamagongo is an English language school and currently provides education through the fourth grade (when we complete our next building, grades five and six will be added). Education for children can include school subjects, English, art, music, crafts, and other activities. Education for adults can include English language education, vocational training (for example, carpentry), crafts, demonstrating how to use a solar cooker, and anything else that is likely to be of practical value.

Please contact us if you are interested in volunteering with us. We welcome hearing about ideas for projects that you may have and we will be glad to give you information about current and planned projects